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Climbing Register & Rules of Use for Climbing Wall

For top rope climbing, you are required to demonstrate your knowledge and safety to climb.  This is a one-time requirement and takes about 30mins. There is no charge. Some simple rules of use are also in place for the comfort and safety of all users.

Registering to use the Climbing Wall

It is a Health & Safety requirement for all roped climbers to be on the Climbing Register.   

To register, fill in an Application for Climbing Register Form and bring it with you to the next available Climbing night (Tuesday or Thursday at 6pm during term time). If you cannot make it those times please email Francis Main - These forms are also available at our reception. This is free.

You will then be tested on your skill and knowledge of climbing. Once you have been added to the register, you will not need to do so again.  Come and climb whenever you want to.

Rules of Use for Climbing Wall

Please wear suitable shoes at all times (no street shoes or bare feet). 
Shirts to be worn at all times.
If rope climbing above bouldering line, please ensure you are on our climbing register. 
Failure to adhere to these rules may result in you being asked to leave the centre immediately with no refund and/or cancellation of membership.

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