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UC Cards and the RecCentre

When you get your UC Staff or ID card there are a few steps you need to take to enable you to get full use of the facilities here at the RecCentre

  • Obtain your username and log in codes from the IT Helpdesk
  • Login to the RecCentre Online Registration Page using that info.
  • Please allow 24 hours for us to process your application and activate your card.
  • If you wish to come to the gym before 24 hours, you will need to stop at reception to check in (we will need to look up your application)
  • If your card isn't working at the turnstile, please go to reception and we'll investigate the problem.
  • Your ID card is exchanged when hiring or borrowing items from Reception. Make sure you have it with you everytime you visit the Centre
  • No card = painful waits whilst we check your enrolment status at UC and your registration with us. Save time and hassle by bringing your card every visit
  • We allow UC Students two visits per semester where we will look you up to allow you access without your membership card. After this, you will be asked to pay the casual entry fee of $11. This is refunded to you in full, if you bring your card back within 7 days. This is in accordance with the terms and conditions of your membership.
  • When renting or borrowing equipment from reception (balls, towels, racquets, skipping ropes, gloves, TRX, locks for lockers) you will trade your UC Card with us as security. You get it back when you bring back the gear on loan.



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