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Train Me - 2017 Fitness Services

Whatever your goal, getting a fitness programme can help you reach it faster. Whether you're looking to get a little bit healthier, improve your sporting performance, or just look a little leaner and meaner, we have options to meet your goals, motivation levels, training experience and budget. We can write you a personalised fitness programme based at home, the great outdoors or utilising the amenities here at the UC RecCentre.

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Maybe you need to break a fitness or weight loss plateau? Or perhaps are just a little bored with your routine and need some inspiration? Reach your goals faster with a personalised fitness programme for only $25. Ideal for people who've trained in the gym before and need a little change up, but are plenty motivated to do it on their own. It is recommended that you change your programme every 6-8 weeks for best results. Also great for first timers who want to make the most of their precious time. Remember - we can write programmes to suit your lifestyle utilising equipment at the gym, the outdoors or your own home equipment.

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Having trouble getting motivated to get to the gym, or to work at the right intensity once you get there? Perhaps your memory is terrible and you just want some extra assistance to get you underway?! Buying a PUSH Me package could be just the ticket! Enjoy 8 one-on-one, 45min sessions with an instructor for just $200! Or choose to pay as you go, at $30 per session. All sessions are based from the RecCentre, but if you would like to be trained outdoors nearby, then just let your instructor know.

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Personal Training

The RecCentre has a range of authorised Personal Trainers available for you to access. Our Personal Trainers have a range of expertise and operate independently of the RecCentre. Prices will vary. PT's are ideal if you need a little bit more experience to guide you and/or need more flexiblity in the times available to train.

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StartMe - Fitness Starter Sessions

We have a range of 30min intro sessions available. These are small group size, so come with a friend, or meet some new ones. These sessions will run you through the basics of various gym equipment and training concepts, such as machine weights, cables, freeweights, core training, kettlebells, and suspension training. We even offer introductory fitness testing. We won't write you a personalised programme, but we'll give you the tools and confidence use the gym safely with a standardised programme. See more.

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