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Pilates seeks to develop controlled movement from a strong core and stabilisation. Precision and control are key to successful Pilates practice - which means bringing a strong focus to your session to engage your body and mind together. No experience required.

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What to expect from a typical Pilates class

In every class, expect to go through 3 phases - Preparatory, Workout and Closing.

Focus on awareness of body and mind, Establish correct alignment and positioning, develop correct breathing, engage the core.

A balanced programme of exercise for the whole body. Many of the positions may feel familiar from BAT or Yoga, but you will be asked to execute shorter sets/repetitions, with more precision.

Reinforcement of prepatory phase learning and maybe some relaxation.

Benefits of participating in Pilates

Improve your core or 'powerhouse' and overall posture
Improve your flexibility and joint mobility
Improve your muscular strength

At your first Pilates class

Arrive early. While each Pilates class caters to all levels, if it is your first time it's good to get there early to meet the instructor and chat about how the class is going to work.

How often should you attend Pilates?

You can attend Pilates everyday if you wanted to! .

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