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It's sort of like those Crossfit classes or bootcamps you've been hearing about. Put your body through a circuit of exercises to be completed at high intensity, with rest in between.  The result is a fantastic cardiovascular and muscular workout that is unique to every single class.  Expect to be challenged mentally and physically.

strengthbag pushup strengthbag squats

What to expect from a typical Supercircuit Class

Classes will vary every time!  It’s a challenging workout that could use games, individual or team based circuits, or boxing. You could use crash pads, strength bags, barbells, medicine balls, skipping ropes, tyres, hurdles, ropes, the prowler…the choices are endless!

Warm up 5-7mins
High Intensity interval and circuit training 30mins
Warm down 5-7mins

At your first Supercircuit class

Arrive early!!  This is crucial – we often need your help to set up equipment, this is a team effort.

Supercircuit is for both beginners and experienced exercisers

You are in charge of how hard you work – the instructor simply provides the moves and motivation.
The exercises are fairly simple to follow, and options can be provided. There is no dancing or aerobics here! Think of it like a really big PT session!

Benefits of participating in Circuit

Increase your cardiovascular fitness and burn fat fast
Leave feeling energised from the endorphins
Achieve levels you never thought possible with the help of our motivating instructors
Get strong and toned - we aim to provide full body functional training exercises so every muscle group is worked

How often should you attend Circuit?

As often as you like. 

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