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Yoga will help you strengthen and lengthen your muscles as you learn to relax and release tension.   Yoga is about improving your flexibility WITH strength, by connecting the mind to the body with your breath.

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Yoga Etiquette

  • Arrive early and settle quietly so that you do not disturb others in preparation phase
  • If you MUST arrive late, please do so quietly and take a position in the back that does not distract the class
  • Never ever leave during savasana (the relaxation phase at the end of class)
  • It is recommended that you practice in bare feet, but you are welcome to leave your socks on
  • Do attempt to do the postures being guided by the teacher, modifying if necessary. It is distracting and disrespectful for both the teacher and other participants to undertake your own sequence in a class situation.

What to expect from a typical Yoga class

Each class will go through 3 phases – preparation, work phase, relaxation.  Every class is a little different, though you will begin to recognise the asanas (postures) over time.

Benefits of participating in Yoga

Improve your balance and posture
Improve your flexibility and joint mobility
Improve your core strength
Improve your sleep, mental alertness and reduce overall stress

How often should you attend Yoga?

You can attend every day if you like!  

What style of Yoga is taught at UC?

The physical component practice of yoga (what you do in a class) is called Hatha Yoga. Within that term, there are many styles that you may have heard of, such as Power Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar, Hot Yoga, Astanga, Anusara, Bikram etc. You could think of these as 'brand names' for systems or sequences put together by respected teachers around the world. Each style may have unique qualities to it, (such as heat, flow, equipment/supports, philosophy) but the asanas (or postures) are common to all styles. You may find that you like a certain style more than others. This could reflect how you're feeling that day or that week, and it could change over time as well as your yoga practice develops.

Our teachers are trained in different styles (Power Vinyasa, Iyengar, Astanga to name but 3) in very different methods and with very different personalities! We think this is great, as there are so many unique individuals out there, you're bound to find a teacher you connect with. We suggest you try them all at some point (and keep trying them over time) to find the style that suits you best for the moment.

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