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You’ve seen it on TV, and it’s here at UC.  So, ditch the workout and join the party!  Simple and easy to follow moves set to pulsing Latin rhythms.  It won’t take long and you’ll be hooked.

Check out our Glow Zumba class on Friday 15th July, 6pm!

What to expect from a typical Zumba Class

An interval based dance class that will get you shaking your hips to Latin music.  If you don’t quite get the moves, don’t worry, you might get them in the next track.  Instructors teach common tracks, but may have a few that are unique to them as well.

Benefits of participating in Zumba

Improve your co-ordination
Improve cardiovascular fitness
Fun party atmosphere – so motivating!

How often should you attend Zumba?

As often as you like!  The class is interval based, and fairly low impact so it is safe to do every day.

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